Tyson is 10 Months Old!!

How could it possibly be time to write this post. I can’t believe that he is already ten months old. He seems to be learning new things everyday and, of course, because I am biased, he is the smartest baby in the world. Some of his latest tricks include:
* taking three or four steps in a row…walking is in his near future
* saying “mama”, “baba”, “papa”, “dada”
* waves hello and goodbye- although we are working on the timing of the waves. The one thing he does have down- when he wants to leave a store he starts waving. Smart boy.
* he LOVES grilled cheese sandwiches, toast, bagels, english muffins…basically any and all carbs
* he loves to push around his walker, chairs, stroller, anything that is pushable
* he loves taking baths in the big boy tub and will crawl to bathroom and jump into the tub if the door is left open
* he is a big flirt
* he is utterly adorable
* he gives the world’s best kisses
* at his last DRs appointment a week ago, he was 21 pounds and 30.5 inches long.

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