Ty’s First Halloween

Ty and I joined some of his baby friends and their mommies at the local park for a Halloween celebration today. My little Eeyore:
Sharing his lunch with Sara. This is also the first picture I have of him sticking out his tongue like this. I have pics of him doing raspberries, but the whole sticking tongue out thing is new.
Chowin down…they both seemed to really enjoy the pretzel from Jamba Juice. Yay.

Ty supplemented his lunch with bark…

Ejoyed chewing on the cement bench…

He tried to explain to Gummy how fabulous the bench tasted but he wasn’t looking very interested. Sigh. My boy really knows how to make friends.

Eating sand while we’re trying to get seven babies to pose for a group picture. Needless to say, this was about as good as it got.

Attempt two. Eating more sand.

My new FAVORITE picture. My happy little Eeyore.


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