Ty’s First Christmas PART 1

LOVING his new ride-in car from Grandma and Grandpa. Of course, the super cold weather meant he had to wear his not-so-favorite hat, but he loved it so much he let Grandma take him for a ride all the way around the block. Keep in mind, it’s a “country” block…which means it’s about a mile and half or so all the way around.
Special gifts from Daddy’s trip to Hawaii…including a board book that teaches him how to say colors in Hawaiian. SO fun.
Riding in his new wagon from Papa G…

Playing with each and every single LEGO in the container…making sure they are ALL out.

Giggling at my voice on his new “cell phone”…

Note to self: Do not attempt to blow up a humungo dragon ball pit- BUY a PUMP, and do not buy a 100 piece lego set and a 170 piece ball pit set in the SAME year…imagine the world’s WORST game of 52 Card Pick Up.


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