Ty’s First Christmas PART 2

FUNNY STORY: Ty’s great grandma has an end table by “her chair” where she keeps the remote and all her “special” stuff. Of course, whenever we visit Ty goes right to the table and climbs on top in an effort to knock all her stuff to the ground. She is constantly telling him “no”…so, my little smarty pants walks up to her, grabs her hand, and utters “UH UH.” Hehe. Now we call her Great Grandma UH UH.

The Marathon Day aka CHRISTMAS:

Our Christmas day began at …4 am. After having been up every two hours. UGH. Christmas morning Ty played with his new toys from Santa and Mark and I packed up the cars. We had two cars and needed every inch of space. We headed to Mark’s Mom’s house where we visited and saw all of Ty’s cousins. Nana Cindy bought all the boys personalized sweatshirts…SO CUTE.

Solomon, Elijah, Nico, and Ty

Joined by Nana Cindy and Selah…

THE UGLY: It took Ty all of a minute or so to discover Nana Cindy’s beautifully decorated tree and go for the ornaments. In the blink of an eye, he had a bulb in his hands and before anyone could do anything he bit into it. It burst into a gazillion little pieces and cut the inside of his mouth- there was blood everywhere. He had little cuts on his cheek and hands. After washing his mouth out with water and letting him chew on an ice cube wrapped with a washcloth, he was quickly back in a festive mood and ready to play with his cousins. It was definitely more scary for all of the adults than for Ty…but we all learned our lesson about tree decorating for next year.

After opening presents and visiting, we drove over to Autie Phyllis’ house. It was then off to Papa G’s house for dinner and more presents. Ty managed to stay up and in good spirits until we left around 10 – 10:30. We pulled into our driveway around midnight.

A long day…but a day full of love, laughter, and family. There were a number of priceless memories made today…


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