12 Month Milestones

Tyson has been incredibly busy this month…

* He now has 14 teeth…yikes.
* He can run, climb, dance, but can’t jump despite his best efforts. He throws his arms up and bends his little legs. No air. At least not yet.
* He “cleans up” his legos and loves to put things into containers. And promptly take them out.
* He loves to play with my broom and “help” me sweep the kitchen.
* He has become a pro at his big-boy sippy cups.
* He can hang with the bigger kids at the park now. Bigger meaning a few months older than him.
* He now sits forward-facing in the car.
* He LOVES his daily wagon/ride-in car rides.
* He will watch you perform a task…and then tries to copy you.
* He is an explorer, action hero, scientist, drama king…all wrapped up in one big-brown eyed boy.


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