Happy Birthday, Ty

I have read a number of similar posts from other mommies and, at the time, I wondered what the big deal was. I, I thought to myself, look forward to Ty getting older. What’s with all the sap.

Now, here I sit, the sappiest sap that ever sapped.

There really is something quite amazing in all that is accomplished in baby’s first year.

I wrote things down.
I blogged.
I took a ton of pictures.

However, when I search my brain for certain moments, my memory fails me. The truth is, there are SO many milestones, so many memories that have forever changed our family that it would be impossible to remember everything.

I can vividly remember this day one year ago- the anticipation of having a baby, the wonder of what he would look like, the fear of not having a name picked out, and the awe that the hospital was going to let US walk out with the baby. US. With a baby. The sleepless nights contorted on the glider, breathing very slowly, if at all, in hopes that Ty would stay asleep. Fearing a sneeze. The excitement of Ty’s joy as he jumped in his new jumperoo. And jumped. And jumped. And jumped. The sweetness of his nose as he nuzzled into my neck as he fell asleep. The new baby smell. The hours just staring at him…in complete amazement. Drool. The sound of Ty’s laughter. Drool. How proud we were when he finally figured out how to crawl…and then what now seems days later, learned how to walk.

It has been an amazing year and we are so proud of all that Ty has accomplished and look forward to all the exciting things in the years ahead. People tell you that having a baby will change things and they are right. This one adorable, active, curious, adventurous little boy has truly conquered our hearts….and our home. And our mini blinds. And our Tupperware drawer.

Happy Birthday, Ty.
We hope your next year is full of love, laughter, and lots of happy memories.

Mommy and Daddy


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