Second Birthday Letter…

Dear Tyson,

You will likely hear me say the following every year: I can’t believe you are turning *fill in the blank* and I can vividly remember the day you were born. It’s true. It is hard to believe that two years have already gone by. I can look at you and see snapshots of the last two years: challenges, surprises, memories…

You have single-handedly taught me to see the world differently. You have redefined the joy and wonder of the holidays, birthdays, and simple things. Your smile melts my heart, can mend the worst of bad days, and infuses me with love. Your laugh is magic. Your hugs and kisses elevate me to another place…a happy place where all worries and toddler challenges are forgotten.

I have blogged the memories, the special moments, the challenges, the laughs…but nothing could have prepared me for the big changes you experienced during your second year:

* you dropped the bottles very quickly and easily- now drinking from sippy cups
* you have picked up words left and right (included a few Mommy would rather you hadn’t)
* you absolutely positively LOVE trains, cars, and trucks. You spend countless hours bellied up to your train table or lying on the floor playing with your cars.
* you love to build, and destroy, with your blocks and Legos
* you love to help Mommy cook and clean
* you can keep up with the best at the Rez, often running at least a mile (and making Mommy work)
* you now wear a 2T/3T in clothing and a size 5 diaper
* you weigh 30 pounds and wear a size 8 shoe
* you are very particular when it comes to certain things: the way food is prepared, the way your cars are lined up/put away, the way buckles are closed on strollers…your quirks are coming fast and furious and most of them make me giggle
* you LOOOOOOVE your bath
* you transitioned better than anyone could have imagined to your big boy bed
* you learned to say, “no, thank you” and “please”…I have a hard time saying no to your please because you know exactly how to work those gorgeous big brown eyes of yours (not that it takes much for me…and you know this)
* you conquered your fears of separation from me

The list goes on and on…

You are absolutely, hands down the most amazing little boy I know. Yes, I am biased and I fully admit that. You are the only one in this world who can drive me past the brink of craziness and bring back to earth within seconds with a smile or “mama” followed by a sloppy kiss. I wish you a third year full of love, laughter, and many many happy memories (and many many sleep-filled nights).

I love you.

Happy Second Birthday TyTy!!

* Last year’s letter


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