My Whiney, Venty, Complainy PG Post…

Pregnancy is not for wimps. Plain and simple. The first time around, many of the complaints and discomforts are lessened by the wonder and excitement that comes with having your first baby. The second time around, you are no longer ignorant of the true challenges to come and often spend much of your time chasing/changing/disciplining/parenting your first born. No naps. No rest. And, for many, because your husband has seen you successfully birth your first born…not a whole lot of pregnancy empathy from the Hubs- who would NEVER be able to handle being pregnant. I’d LOOOOOOOVE to see the men in my life wear an empathy belly and chase after my little darling for a day. That is, after they have a DRs appointment where they are asked to pee in a cup. The belly would supply ample pressure to the bladder so they would sufficiently understand the need to pee a gazillion times and NEVER ask why I am going to bathroom yet again.

I miss sleep. Already. And I know I won’t see it for a long, long time. I can’t seem to ever get comfortable at night and when I do…you guessed it, I have to pee. The baby seems to be supplying a constant, uncomfortable amount of pressure these days. I have blown up. My belly precedes me and the belly in the lap feeling when I sit isn’t so much fun. My fingers swell. My feet swell. Plain and simple. I am done.

A Severely Pregnant, Uncomfortable Mama

Edit to add: Of course, now, today, I am having one of those feeling pretty good moments where I think I could make due all the way til the end…I’ll check back this afternoon ; )


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