Six Months

Jacob is SIX months old today. The right words to express how quickly time has gone by fail me. Jake has turned into such a social, happy, smiley boy.
* He still desperately wants to keep up with his brother; so much so, that he has become dangerously close to crawling and has figured out how to scoot towards toys- especially those left within reach by his brother.
* He loves to “play” ball- he’ll roll it back to you and loves to watch it roll towards him.
* His favorite “toys” are non-toys: keys, wooden spoons, measuring cups, etc…
* He wears mostly nine months rompers and size 3 diapers
* No teeth to report though he’s got all the typical teething behaviors down
* Of all the foods he’s had so far he loves squash the most
* He loves it when his Mommy and Ty sing to him
* He loves to laugh at his brother
* His hair is growing cute little ringlets
He is a very LOVED little boy!

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