The Tale of the Six Month Photo Shoot

The days of the easy baby pictures are long gone. The days where I could plop Jacob down just about anywhere, pick out the cute outfit, pose him in a non-posey looking way…and snap away no longer exist. Seemingly overnight, he became mobile. I can no longer simply plop him down in one spot and hope for him to stay there. Case in point: my attempt at a six month photo. I got the boppy out, covered it with a blanket, and invisioned a cute shot of Jake on his belly with his head propped in his hands. Yeh, not so much. Here’s what I got instead. First think he did when placed on the boppy was flip over:
What better time to play with the old feet:
Rolled entirely off Boppy:
And made his escape:
Annnnd after about a good twenty minutes or so:
The Winner


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