8 Months

Jacob is 8 months old. Already. Sigh. His little personality is really starting to emerge. He loves just about any food. I should say he LOVES food. Period. It shows. He doesn’t discriminate. If he can reach it, food item or not, it’s in his mouth. He is a champ at feeding himself puffs. Manages to get some water down from a sippy though the majority of it ends up all over him. His favorite play spot seems to be the bottom toy drawer in the kitchen. He hasn’t a tooth in sight. He really is a happy, social, silly little boy. Always smiling:
He adores Tyson in every way. He loves to stand in his exersaucer and play trains with his brother.

He loves the outdoors and often accompanies me on my runs around the Rez while Ty is at school.

Where ever Ty is…Jacob wants to be. One of very few toys that have stood the test of time in our house. Both boys really enjoy it…

Jacob had a BLAST on the swings for the first time:

A preview of his Halloween costume as it may be too small once Halloween rolls around. The price you pay for ordering too soon:
He’s figured out how to pull up and stand on just about everything. He cruises along the table. I love this outfit. The jeans. The mocs. Love it. You’ll likely see it often.

He’s also figured out how to push his walker and climb our stairs…did I mention life around here has got pretty interesting lately. Two very mobile boys. Roaming. Discovering. Exploring:


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