I Did It…

You know that list of “Life Goals” you keep in the back of your head. The ones that you remind yourself about every once in awhile. The ones you say out loud but don’t necessarily mean to ever accomplish. The ones that you give yourself the rest of your life to finish because it’s easier to say them, or think them, than to actually try to accomplish them. You say, “At least once in my life, I’d like to yada yada yada.” Well, I can now say that I have officially checked one such item OFF my list. And I honestly still can’t believe it.

I did it. I completed my first 1/2 Marathon. Of all the times I thought I would do this, after having had a second baby wasn’t really one of them. To say training for this with a newborn/infant and a 2 1/2 year old was easy, would be a lie. There were many times I thought it was a crazy idea. Impossible. People DRIVE 13 miles. Not RUN them. To be exact, it was 13.1 miles. And trust me, that .1 makes all the difference. I always considered myself a casual jogger. I ran for fun. Never with a race in mind. Or distance. When people called me a runner I shuddered. Not me. I suppose now, I can truly claim that title, “runner”.

I was fortunate enough to have two amazing ladies train with me. Both of whom overcame a number of obstacles and challenges to cross that finish line as well. We made an awesome team and I am so lucky to have had their support throughout this journey. Seeing the finish line was a much more emotional experience than I thought it would be. I had to hold back tears and push myself to run through it. I was overcome with pride. Accomplishment. I had ACTUALLY done this. And I ran it faster than I ever thought I would.

Official chip time- 2:22

I am the schmuck with the crooked hat. Apparently my head went numb or something and I couldn’t tell it was askew. All the pictures of me are with the hat to the side. Sigh. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a ribbon medal. It’s currently hanging, proudly, on my computer screen. A reminder of all that we accomplished. A reminder that we are capable of far more than we think:

Tyson has already started training for the next race:


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