Tyson digging into his Christmas goodies delivered by Santa:
And playing with each toy:
After opening and playing with presents we headed out for a family coffee run. Tyson LOVES his “kids mooka” or “Tyson’s coffee”…and the girls at the coffee shop love him. They always put a little extra sticker on top or sprinkles…whatever his little heart desires:
A surprise hit of the morning- the harmonica:

Jakey’s favorite toys, he loved everything, but seemed to love his musical instruments the best:

Both boys also LOVED their name trains from their Great Auntie Susan. Isn’t it gorgeous:
*I shamelessly took advantage of every opportunity I could to use my new camera*

Enjoying his new trampoline the next morning (aka once all the other toys were cleared off of it and he realized it was even there). Note the trains in his hands…I don’t think they left his hands for at least two or three days following Christmas:

If you were to ask him what his FAVORITE toys was that he got for Christmas he’ll tell you Cranky the Crane:

I can’t wait for next year when Jake will likely be more aware of what’s going on…


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