Las Vegas

Being the amazingly devoted basketball fan that I am (read: no way I would let my husband enjoy five days and four nights of uninterrupted sleep in a blissful hotel room by himself), the boys and I decided to join him on his last work trip to Vegas. Tyson couldn’t stop talking about going on an airplane and was so so so excited. BOTH boys were amazing on the flight. Ty took in the sights and watched the portable DVD player. Jake slept. Waiting to board the plane:

Our first night there we walked the Strip with the boys. They literally sat on the edges of their seats and took in all the lights, sounds, and overall craziness that is Vegas. Both boys were absolutely amazed by the Bellagio water show and Mirage volcano. As we walked down the street, Jake would dance as he heard music coming from various hotels and casinos which garnered us many smiles and laughs from the strangers walking by:
Our first full day in Vegas, the husband was stuck in meetings all day so I took the boys to the Lied Children’s Discovery Museum. It is a cross between our local Studio Grow and the Exploritorium. The bottom floor was very much like Studio Grow: a play construction area, an infant crawl and shape sorting area, a drawing/craft room, a bubble/water play area, and a big room that resembled a small town- bank, auto shop, grocery store, airport, hardware store. Tyson had a great time working the assembly line and passing the blocks down to Jacob waiting at the end:
There was just as much for Jake to enjoy as Ty…which is rare. And I had to get a picture of Jake’s outfit. Still one of my all time favorite outfits…I am sure one day the boys will hate me for the number of pictures of both of them in it. It’s okay. Doesn’t bother me. They both look so darn cute:

The air pipes. Put ball in and it zips up the pipes. The boys played here for a good ten minutes:

Similar exhibit to the one above only the air shoots out of the cone. Jake couldn’t get enough:

For PopPop, check out Ty’s pipe building skillz. Not bad:

Jake enjoying the infant play area:

Not enjoying my impromptu photo shoot:

Water play. Put the plastic dividers in and watch the boat go:

Hehehe. Ty trying SOOOOOOO hard to blow a big bubble…

And he finally got it:

Jake working the airport luggage station. Take luggage off. Put luggage on. Take luggage off. Put luggage on. Apparently, a thoroughly entertaining exhibit for a one year old. Note Ty’s absence. He wasn’t interested in the least:

He was busy fixing cars in the Auto Shop. Every time you work the drill correctly a loud sound came out of the car. He LOVED:

Practicing car maintenance:

Upstairs on the science floor. Learning about gravity:

And nutrition. Match the food item with it’s proper food group:

Can you guess who was asked NOT TO CLIMB into the below exhibit? His name rhymes with Shyson:

Learning about music. A laser harp. My little music LOVER LOVED:

Trying to walk in anti-gravity boots. Harder than it looks. I think I may need to find a pair of these bad boys in Ty’s size. They REALLY slowed him down. Like really really slowed him down:

Back downstairs for one last loop. Enjoying the grocery store and it’s cash register…especially the button that made it *BEEEEEEP* *BEEEEEEP* over. And over. And over.

Meanwhile, Jacob enjoyed clearing the shelf entirely of all its contents:

Working hard to move the Lego blocks:

While Jake chilled in the front of the truck:

And knocked off Lego blocks whenever they got close enough…which eventually led to our departure:

While Jake napped, Ty hung out and watched movies:

Our second full day, Daddy was again stuck in meetings and we headed over to the Mirage Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat:

It made me a little nervous just how close we were to this big guy:

It was surreal how close we were to the dolphins. We could have literally reached out and touched them on a few occasions:

Jacob…trying to literally reach out and touch them:

There wasn’t a “show” but the dolphins are exercised every twenty minutes or so:

Again, so so so close:

Exploring the Venetian (read: buying Mommy a blended coffee from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf). Tyson LOOOOVED the gondolas. I told him to look at the boats and he promptly corrected me by telling me they weren’t boats they were gondolas. Excuse me.

Last full day. We headed over to the Mandalay Bay Aquarium. Tyson was absolutely beside himself with excitement. There was an underwater ship exhibit with floor to ceiling glass windows…and lots of sharks, big sharks, fish, and turtles. I think Ty sat in front of that window for a good twenty minutes:

And…enjoying the second half of the game from the best seat in the house. And enjoying the free popcorn. Cookies. Water. Snacks.

While traveling with two kiddos certainly posed its challenges- especially the logistics of getting two big suitcases, two carry on bags, two backpacks, two kids, and a double stroller from the car to the airport. From the airport to the hotel. We managed to figure it out and have a really really amazing trip.

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