A Year in Photos: Part 3

Tyson had his first day of school- now attending three mornings a week:
And is a major fan of rain boots:
Jake had his first day of Mommy and Me Preschool:
The boys have class at the same time on Mondays. There is often an overlap of outdoor play time with both classes and they always gravitate towards each other. And this bike:

Halloween was magically amazing this year. Trick or treating was so much fun with both of them. Neitherof them were at all shy. Jake got the “Trick or Treat” down. Along with the candy grab:

Train Conductor Ty:
Ninja Jake:
We carved pumpkins. Ty wasn’t a fan of the pumpkin guts:
With their little imaginations growing more and more each day, we discovered the dinosaur hunting adventures to be found in our front yard:

Rain boots, “noculars“, and rain coat- check:
Brotherly love over Santa Mail:
Turkey day crafts:
My little turkey’s turkey:
Bath smiles:
Jake got a big hair cut. Before:
After. Sniff, sniff. Miss the baby curls:
We made holiday wishes after a muddy but fun hike:
The magic of the season started with a surprise visit from Santa at a holiday party for the kids:

We started a new Christmas tradition as we met “Victor” our Elf on the Shelf:
We made cookies:
We visited with family:
The boys were thoroughly spoiled for Christmas and loved all of their amazing gifts. Jake LOVES this hat. He can never see where he’s going but he LOVES the thing:
Ty “fixing” our table:
Hours after hours were spent playing and enjoying their new toys:
Lots and lots of post Christmas smiles:
Told ya, LOVES the hat. And I love that he loves it:
Rainy day smiles and fun:

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