A Year in Photos: Part 2

Mother’s Day craftiness for Grandma:
Brothers and books:

Tyson had his first real last day of school. Side by side of his first and last day:

Daddy bought him his first bike:

We spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors enjoying the sunshine:
Airport brotherly love:
Love this kid:
Ty’s first Bart ride:
First library trip:
Family trip to Train Town:

Lots of outdoor sprinkler time:

Trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s House. And the Zoo. Matching shirts so I can always spot my boys. As they often run in opposite directions. Often = ALWAYS.
First BEACH trip. So much fun. Tyson is a fish like his Mama. Jake spent a lot of time eating. In his beach chair. On the beach, in the water, in the shade…eating, eating, eating:
Water, beach loving fun:
With back to school looming in the near future, we picked up the potty training efforts. We spent much of August close to home. The boys spent much of it in their skivvies:

I spent the majority of August in our laundry room. Cursing the potty training gods:
I thoroughly enjoyed putting together a “Day in the Life” blog post (part 1, part 2) after a Mommy Group photo challenge. I plan to turn it into a photo book along with this series of posts.

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