Scrappy Flower Fun

I have been busy. Scrapping. LOVING it. For inspiration, I checked out a few of my old scrap magazines and saw these cute, gorgeous paper flowers everywhere. Girl layouts. Boy layouts. Loved them. So, I set out to do my best to recreate them and came up with this frame:
Girly. Flowers. Love the combination of green, craft paper, red, and blue. Blue and craft paper are a very common thread in my scrapping. If you haven’t noticed already. It was fun to step WAY out of my normal color choices and throw together something a little girly. I am not often afforded that fun opportunity with two little boys at home.
The flowers themselves are super easy. A little time consuming but overall easy to do. There are so many embellishment options: ink the edges, distress the edges, spray paper with distressing ink, spray papers with glitter ink, etc, etc, etc. The crafty wheels are turning:
I used 5 pieces of 12 x 12 paper (plus a little craft paper for the frame and leaves). The green dots for the frame. Four coordinating pieces for the flowers. You cut three varying sized strips. Make the strips into squares. Cut circles. The more imperfect the circle, the cuter the flower. Spray circles with water or a distress/shimmer ink and crinkle. Unwrap, distress edges. Layer the circles: I did some centered and then some off center. Like the look both ways. I used the leftover flowers for coordinating cards:
The hardest part will be figuring out how to smashthese bad boys into an envelope:
I went to bed far too late after having finished the above projects. All I could think about is what combination of blue and brown I could use to make some frames for the house. Once the boys went down for their naps, I raced out to the garage to throw these together. They match the alphabet canvas I made a few months ago:
And was cut short before I could finish this one…plan to add something to the upper right hand corner at some point. This frame has the flowers that were put together off centered. A little bit of a different look:
Trying to be good about not wasting scraps. Used them for this card:
Not bad for a nap time’swork:

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