2010 Goals Reviewed

Looking back, I made a pretty good dent in my 2010 goals:

* Craft more: one of the goals I didn’t meet entirely. I did scrap, a little, very little. I learned how to personalize wooden blocks, made a fun chipboard alphabet canvas…and that’s about it. While I love to scrap and craft, I am okay with the fact that it fell to the back burner as some fun things replaced it. Can’t do it all.

* Train for, and complete, two half marathons: done. Trained for, and completed, THREE halves in 2010. Ran the Bay to Breakers and the Grape Stomp 10k. AND broke the under-2 hour Half goal. 2010 = awesome running year.

* Cook more: done. I realized that I actually LOVE to cook. I am just not a fan of doing with a cranky toddler and wound up three year old tugging at my shirt.

* Be better about wearing sunscreen. Lotion/cream at night: done. Can’t think of anything remotely witty or wise to say about this one. I still have bags. And notice wrinkles. But am glad that I am better about the sunscreen.

* Experiment with color (in clothing): eh, one of the goals that likely was the hardest for me to implement. I will try again in 2011. There is just something about black yoga pants…

* Put the “me” back in Mommy: we hired a sitter and that helped tremendously. I love her, the boys adore her. Win, win, win. Another goal I hope to improve on in 2011.

* Read a book: I smashed this goal. After not having picked up a single book in over a year, I read 50+ in a matter of months. I fell in love with reading all over again.

* Focus on the positive: Perhaps this is a lifelong goal. Not always easy, but something that makes everything around you better. Easier.


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