Boredom Buster Jar

Our Boredom Buster Jar is complete:

Each popsicle stick has an activity, ranging in difficulty and parental involvement. I’ll have a kiddo pick one when we are in need of something to do. It can also be something they earn along the way: one pick from the jar, etc. Each activity is something that can be done with things already around the house:

A few examples:




* KNOT RACE WITH RIBBON: have kids tie ribbon in as many knots as possible before the timer beeps.

* MELTING MONSTERS: have kids draw monsters on thick construction paper, hang paper outside, have them use a squirt bottle and water to make the monster melt away.

* BEAN BAG COLOR TOSS: bean bags + various colors of construction paper. Use masking tape to make a line and have the kids toss bean bags to a certain color of paper.

* STORY TIME STOMP: pick a book to read, have the kids choose one word, each time they hear the word they have to jump up and stomp their feet.

* MUSICAL SCOOP BALL: using newspaper balls or tennis balls, disperse balls outside on the lawn, have the kids retrieve as many balls as possible before the music stops playing. Repeat.

* SLIPPERY SPOONS: have kids transfer various items via a spoon between two points.


All items in each bin can be used independently. I also have plastic breakfast trays that I place in front of each kiddo to keep markers or crayons from rolling away. They also help contain water colors or paints if necessary…

I have had a few people ask for a list of activities included in our Boredom Buster Jar. Here is what I have got so far:

* Freeze Dance

* Kickball

* Bean Bag Bowl Toss: similar to the above color toss, but kids will try to get bean bags into various sized bowls

* Shoe Box Mailbox: we will make a mailbox and the boys can then make various letters to “mail” (construction paper, cutting, scissors, gluing, stamps, stickers, lots of fun possibilities)

* Send a letter

* Sensory tub sorting

* Make a doorknob hanger

* Train tracks

* Finger print thummies

* Weave a picture

* Cut paper mosaics or collage

* Game cabinet

* Zig zag bike roadway in the driveway (boys LOVE this, just draw a figure eight track with chalk on the driveway)

* Pizza shop/grocery store/pet shop

* Mini Beach Blanket Toss: use a king sized pillow case and blow up ball, toss away

* Play dough

* Bubbles

* Make a lunch bag puppet

* Masking tape car track

* Lacing cards

* Outdoor chalk

* Block city

And our 2012 Summer Bucket List is officially under construction:


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