50 in 2012: Book Sixteen

Shoot the MoonShoot the Moon by Billie Letts

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book had a little bit of everything: thrill, mystery, romance…I did not want it to end. I fell completely in love with the main characters.

DeClare, Oklahoma is rocked by the tragic murder of a young mother, Gaylene Harjo. Her ten month old son’s body was never found and he was suspected dead. Thirty years later, a man by the name of Dr. Mark Airbright saunters into the small, dusty town and causes massive upheaval by claiming to be baby Nicky Jack Harjo.

Only weeks earlier, Mark Airbright found adoption papers and a birth certificate that turned his world upside down. Everything he had ever known, had been based on deceit. He traveled to DeClare to find answers and meet his birth mother. Within minutes of his arrival, he learns about his mother’s murder.

His journey to self discovery and search for knowledge about his birth mother, stirs up long buried secrets in a small town where everyone thinks they know everyone. And everything. Twists and turns kept me constantly guessing as to who really murdered Gaylene, and why. Just when I think I had it figured out, a new twist changed things up. Loved this book.


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