My Latest Obsession: Subscription Boxes

It started slowly: Studio Calico. And then Nature Box. And now…Green Kid Crafts. Advertised as “fun and earth friendly craft kits, devoted to kids”, I was immediately intrigued and couldn’t resist. We received this lovely in the mail today and the boys and I dove in:

The theme this month, “Food Adventures”:

Inside the box: the supplies for four craft projects, cheddar bunnies, and coupons…

Jake and I started with the “Fishing Game”:

He attempted to cut the felt himself but it was a little too tricky for him. I finished up cutting the fish while he ate the bunnies. The end result: a super cute little game.

I called out a color, and he went fishing…

And LOVED it…

I love that nothing really goes to waste. All products and packaging are recyclable. On the back of the project directions was a “grateful” activity. The boys can write one thing they are grateful for and I can help them make it into a tree…our finished trees: here.

Next, we did the “Ceramic Tile Coaster” activity:

Since I purchased this deal through Plum District, I upgraded to a double sibling box. Both boys got to do each activity. Jake was super serious, concentrating on each tile:

Tyson took the more efficient approach, empty nearly all glue onto tile and put the ceramic pieces on. Two different approaches, same end product:

While Jake finished his tile, Ty fished:

Once dry, they will work with hot or cold beverages. I LOVE them:

Final thoughts: I think this box is awesome sauce. I love it. I love the philosophy behind it. The boys LOVED it…we are fans. We still have two fun projects for another day and I am already looking forward to our next box of crafty fun!!


2 Comments on “My Latest Obsession: Subscription Boxes”

  1. ooh, that box looks cool! we get the Kiwi Crate which is pretty fun, but thanks to a new baby in the house, we are WAY behind and they’re piling up. Same is true of my Studio Calico kits 😦

    I’m digging your blog – found you through the PL linkup today πŸ™‚

  2. Sarah Kaufman says:

    My girls had so much fun with this box too! We looked at Kiwi Crate but loved Green Kid Crafts because it teaches them about nature and is eco. Every time a box arrives in the mail it’s like a stampede to open it and see what the new projects are! I have to say too that they are great to have for rainy or snowy days.

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