Grateful Tree: Green Kid Crafts Box

After some wet rainy day cozy coupe fun, we headed inside for a few crafty endeavors…

I traced a simple tree trunk outline on a piece of 12 x 12 kraft paper (could easily use a paper bag):

Inspired by the Green Kid Crafts “use everything” philosophy, we completed this project with simple things around the house. I cut up a few pages of today’s newspaper for the boys to use as the tree trunk. Gave them the glue and let them go to town filling in the trunk shape:

For the branches, I had the boys rip the little pieces of newspaper in half. Kept it simple.

While they glued, I cut out the leaves for them. I  used the leaves on the back of the Tile Collage as a template for the orange and yellow paper:

My heart swooned a little as Ty filled out his leaves. As he wrote meticulously, we talked about things both boys loved and would miss if gone. We also talked about things we were grateful for. I love how this “supplemental” activity on the back of a set of directions could easily be a fifth addition to the box and sparks such meaningful conversation:

Jake dictated his answers but was more than ready to glue on his own leaves:

Finishing up his tree. LOVE the little glue bottles. I am going to keep and refill them (keeps the boys from emptying the contents of larger containers in one go)…

Real, five-year old answers:

The finished trees. Such a sweet project:

Our fall display. I was so excited I didn’t let the trees dry completely. They have since dried and all dripping paint has been wiped away. This space makes me so happy. I love their love of artsy fun…


3 Comments on “Grateful Tree: Green Kid Crafts Box”

  1. Maggi Brown says:

    Beautiful stuff, April.

  2. What a wonderful post – it’s so great to see how you personalized this project! My favorite part is reading what the boys wrote on their leaves but I also love how you used newspaper on the tree trunk, and the end presentation is just gorgeous! Love, love, love!

  3. […] the past, the boys and I have done Thankful Turkeys and Grateful Trees for the month of November. This year, I wanted to do something different and something with the […]

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