Project Life 2013: Organization

One of my big goals this year is balance. The word in and of itself means many different things; however, in terms of my approach to Project Life, it means streamlining my workspace, purging an extraordinary amount of unused or unwanted goods, and keeping only the products and items I will really USE. I went through YEARS of collected papers, embellishments, and items narrowing down the keepers to most of what you see here:


I wanted to make the space pretty as it is very visible. One of the key factors in completing Project Life 2012 was moving my workspace inside from the garage to the dining room. As I sit and craft, I can see the boys right upstairs in the playroom. Embellishments, adhesive, stamps, and goodies:


Wire silverware caddy used for journal/title card storage. I plan to buy the Seafoam kit; however, I tend to use the white grid cards the most and wanted them easily visible and accessible. Ordered THESE cute little berry baskets for my loose paper embellies (to replace plastic ones):


Four little baskets house the remaining PL ingredients. Twine, stamps, mistables, chipboard…


6 x 6 paper pads. I need to completely change the way I shop for scrapbook goods. I just don’t use all the paper in a 12 x 12 pad and donated a huge stack to the boys’ preschool. I plan to be a lot more picky about what I buy as much of it goes unused…


Washi tape:


Alpha stickers and punches:


Four little baskets down from…a LOT more than that:


My little workspace with a view of the boys’ train table in the background. I look forward to spending many hours sitting here…my happy place in the house:



4 Comments on “Project Life 2013: Organization”

  1. Kasey says:

    Love your organization! Just curious, where do you buy your washi tape? Our local craft store does not carry it. Thanks!

  2. mwear says:

    Love it!! Great organization. Thanks for sharing.

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