Theme for 2013 Goals: JOY

* Strive and work towards balance…don’t forget to put the ME in Mommy.

* De-clutter: thoughts, things, trash. Streamline. Keep only the things that bring positive value to the table.

* Strength train- continue with CrossFit. Hoping 2013 is the year I conquer the band-free pull up. I absolutely LOVE everything about CF. I have never worked out in such an amazing atmosphere surrounded by such support and camaraderie. In three short weeks, I am already doing things I never thought possible- turning over a 250 lb. tire 24 times: check!!

* Run TWO half marathons: find a new time/routine to squeeze in the runs and work towards a PR. For now, work towards consistency and rebuild my base. Starting over is always so incredibly HUMBLING. Aim for 500 miles for the year.

* DRINK WATER. Eat cleaner. Continue making fancy coffees at home.

* Read 50 books. Up first: Honolulu by Alan Brennert.

* Do something that scares me.

* Actually USE the meal planning sheets I have printed out…organize recipes.

* Laugh MORE. Love MORE. Lighten up MORE.

* Bake a pie from scratch.

* Project Life 2013: use as the main focus of memory keeping. Mini albums, December Daily…cute, but I never finish. Learn to say no to extra projects and collecting scrappy goodies. Scrap my crap, use what I have.

* Take a family vacation. Take family pictures.

* Summer bucket list.

* Finally attempt to learn how to use my camera without auto focus…

* RE-conquer the fear of the chicken…and maybe a turkey?

* Organize/keepsake the boys’ ART.

Find JOY in the everyday…


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