Project Life 2013: Weeks Four and Five


Had a lot of fun experimenting with red and hand stitching this week…red plus teal plus kraft is one of my favorite color combinations:


The boys enjoyed playing with all of Ty’s new birthday presents this week. The Hexbug Habitat was a huuuuuuuge hit. The boys were enthralled with it for hours. LOVE seeing the two of them in awe of something together. So sweet. I also stepped up my running this week. After taking much of the winter off, “starting over” is always incredibly humbling. And hard.


I added an insert this week. I really wanted to include a blog post. If I had an ounce more internet-y knowhow I would have typed it up all pretty. There is something so timeless about a handwritten story though…I am happy I invested the time to write it out.


Right side without the insert: packaging from our new snack subscription box, a snapshot of Daddy on TV, a latte machine tragedy, and people watching at the Target Bux. All in a week’s work, heh:


Backside of insert: our power went out for just over 2.5 hours. Once the boys’ fear wore down, we had fun playing in the dark. Of course, it happened on a night when Mark was working late…the boys still talk about it.



Otherwise known as the week I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE OLIVE EDITION:


Living in the land of boys, I feared Olive would be too girly. I was so so wrong. I LOVE it. The greens and blues are so pretty and work so well with all that is boy-ish in my life:


The boys were absolutely hilarious outside showing me their “intimidation” look. More basketball, a weekday afternoon birthday party, fancy coffee, and a TV night all to myself:


I am so so so in love with the colors…and the butterfly:


Added a little dimension with a punch + washi + word sticker…the colors and textures of this week are making this one of my favorite layouts to date. So much fun.


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6 Comments on “Project Life 2013: Weeks Four and Five”

  1. Great color combos! Beautiful details.

  2. I love your pages SO much – it’s like a treat to get to look over them. I also love how you made the Olive edition look a lot less “girly”.

  3. Denise Costa says:

    Just wanted to let you know your PL spreads are great.
    Someone I follow on pinterest pinned your page,,,,so glad they did thanks for sharing your creative process.
    And I agree with Anandi you made Olive look less girly. Great job

  4. coxabey says:

    Gorgeous pages – I’ve also fallen in love with the Olive kit. Currently working on week 8 which will be ‘all olive’ 🙂

  5. Jo says:

    Loving your progress with PL! Your posts are always so inspiring – love them! You’ll be proud to know I’m caught up through week 7! The true test is when I go back to work on Monday. Hope I can keep up – I’m really loving the process! We need a project life night where we share our washi tapes, stamps, etc! 🙂

  6. Colleen says:

    I love these. I am wondering where you get the calendar cards. I love that little touch.

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