Project Life 2013: Weeks Six and Seven


Jake’s birthday…FOUR years old. In the blink of an eye…


Left side. The date card dictated this week’s color scheme. I wanted to use the Studio Calico February wood grain card. After embellishing, layering, and stitching…it was a brown, teal, kraft week.


I am still working on his “all about him” insert, but wanted to include a few of my favorite things that Jake says. Mostly because I know he’ll be saying them all correctly far too soon. It’s a little sad when the boys’ finally get words right. I already miss Ty’s “likes” instead of lights and “magazints” instead of magazine.


Managed to get cupcake candle pics of both boys this year…love how he scrunches up his face and closes his eyes. He’s done that every year so far…


LOTS of washi tape fun this week. LOVE the simple little birthday cake:


Lots of outdoor play this week, the weather was gorgeous. I survived debate team judging. Snuck in a few miles. And most importantly, was reunited with my latte maker carafe…heh.



Valentine’s week…


Jake’s first attempt at a family portrait and HIS NAME…swoon:


Super simple way to incorporate the boys’ class valentines. Simple doily layering and wood veneer letter:


Ty’s basketball picture makes me smile every time I see it. The boys’ loved their Green Kids Craft box this month. A low-key, uneventful Valentine’s day for us:


I actually struggled a lot with this week’s layout. It just wasn’t coming together- mostly, because of the Studio Calico speech bubble card. The color was slightly off, more orange than red. And it was driving me crazy. It occurred to me to try and layer washi tape over…and voila, problem SOLVED:


And inspiration started. Grid cards + washi = DIY speech bubble journal cards. LOVE these to keep track of the funny things the boys say:


And I also discovered that washi tape fits perfectly inside the back of Ali Edward’s Technique Tuesday cards…



6 Comments on “Project Life 2013: Weeks Six and Seven”

  1. alterediris says:

    Love those washi speech bubbles! Such a great idea and so cute! Will have to give that a try!

  2. Val says:

    I love all your pages!

  3. skgarcia87 says:

    you always have such great ideas! i love how you made the cake from the washi tape haha

  4. Your PL rocks my world. What a cool idea for speech bubble cards – I’m totally stealing it! As always, love the handwriting and all the details. And Happy Birthday to Jake. My daughter T will be 4 in Sept, which blows my mind, really.

  5. Regina White says:

    So can you tell me or us how you made those bubble cards. I think those are the coolest and cutest thing ever.

  6. 1fiftysix says:

    Love the pretty pages! 🙂

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