Project Life 2013: Weeks Nine and Ten


Got a little adventurous for me color wise this week; as a result, it took foreverrrrr for it to come together:

Project Life

Finally found someone brave enough to try a trail hike I have been dying to check out, it required conquering this massive incline. Our legs were burning but we did it. Celebrating Jakey’s wacky dressing ways while I can. LOVING that Jake is finally starting to draw family portraits. I find it amazing how different the boys artsy styles are…


Rope climb WOD kicked my butt: rope climb + burpees = YOWZA. Tyson started Little League this year and practices started Friday. Lucky to have friends who call at the exact perfect moment: girl time + 3 miles = the perfect cure to a bad day.


A special Jake love note, tucked inside the mini bag:



Another week of color experimentation. I have never been a pink girl, but I was inspired by the spring colors of this particular My Minds Eye journal card paper. I struggled with the pink but fell in love with the final outcome. It took me a little longer to finish, likely because the colors were very much outside of my comfort zone…but it’s DONE:


We have been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the sunshine. I wanted to document the little note Ty made me and tucked inside of my wallet: it makes me smile every time I catch a glimpse of it:



After two weeks of color experimentation. My week 11 color palette is my tried and true blue/kraft/white with a splash of yellow or brown. I like to gather the journal cards first and then work from there…


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3 Comments on “Project Life 2013: Weeks Nine and Ten”

  1. craftcherry says:

    Really beautiful pages. I love all the kids artwork you included.

  2. Ahhhh!! Another CrossFit mom!!! Where have you been all my life? LOL. Only recently have I been included my WODs and my “CrossFit life” in my spreads, and I love it! Have you done any of the Open WODs so far this year? I’m getting ready to head off to my 6am class to tackled 13.4. We’ll see how that goes.

    I love that you included artwork, I actually just set aside a few pieces of scribble that my 2 year old well, scribbled, yesterday. So fun to include in PL!

  3. Sammy says:

    love the pages!
    my coworkers boyfriend works for that tea company and he gets us free boxes of tea all the time. i LOVE it!

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