Project Life 2013: Week Eleven

The color scheme for this week’s layout was mostly decided by the Studio Calico wood veneer journal card. I have been unsure of how to use it, but really wanted to do something with blue and brown…

PLKept it super simple for the most part. Shocking that two slots ended up without a single piece of washi or extra embellishment, heh:

IMG_6656The leprechaun trap was a big part of our week: shopping for pieces, making blue prints, discussing ideas…

IMG_6648Tyson was so excited about his trap. He had ideas for days. After he changed his mind for the 176th time, I decided we just needed to make the trap before it became a NASA grade endeavor. I wanted to include a couple of his initial “blueprints”. I threw them in a cute little “idea” bag from the new Smash embellishment line:

IMG_6653I had high hopes of getting the last two weeks of Project Life done; however, with the newest addition of Jade, I needed to reorganize my work space and de-clutter. So, my happy crafty space was spring cleaned. I like having all the cards out of the box and accessible. If it’s inside a closed box, it likely won’t be used. Now, everything is out, organized, and ready to go. I kept one of the little Studio Calico boxes from the PL kit to organize the various kit cards, the rest of my core kits are resting in a simple wire silverware tray. I am shocked it fit: seafoam, olive, jade, two childhood kits, and various other grid cards (with space for midnight, ha).


This view makes me happy. Streamlined, organized, and it won’t last long. One layout and it will look drastically different…



5 Comments on “Project Life 2013: Week Eleven”

  1. Sara says:

    Love your organization! I work out of a closet so my gear has to get put away each time. I’m jealous!!

  2. So pretty! I love the consistent color scheme and your handwriting always makes me happy 🙂

    I am reorganizing my space too, with the addition of the SC grab bag cards, as well as Jade and the 1/4 Blush kit I got in a swap. I think I have enough cards for 10 years’ worth of PL 😉

  3. Fabulous layouts! I love the leprechaun trap, I’m actually excited to do that next year! And I love your storage too!

  4. Colleen says:

    Love your organization. I need to do something like that as well. I have stuff everywhere!

  5. Wendy B., NJ says:

    You are amazing…thanks so much for an opportunity for someo f your stash!

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