Project Life 2014: Weeks 1 and 2


The holidays, icky sick kids, traveling husband = not a lot of photos for week one. There are some repeat photos from 2013 and later in the month. And that is okay with me. Filling in the blanks, repeats, a week of all weekend events…I don’t hold myself to any given format and I have found that system to work best. The minute I start to make rules for myself, the love is lost and pressure to much…

IMG_0150Just as running transformed my life, CrossFit has led to a similar transformation. I am stronger than I have ever been: mentally and physically. I am constantly pushed and challenged. I am doing things I NEVER imagined…and having fun. A year ago, I could barely hold a regular handstand, let alone a one handed one. Hoping to keepsake my fitness journal a little better this year…


IMG_0152WEEK 2

I keep vowing to keep it simple. To use the kits I have. And then new, cuteness is released. And I have to have it. Love the new Kiwi kit. Week 2 was a big transition for us: two weeks off and the harsh reality of having to get back into the day to day school/work routine. Another week where I failed to pick up my camera everyday. I need to work on that. I will work on that.





Slowly finding a groove again. Chugging along. Still absolutely LOVING this project. Thank you so much for visiting!!


3 Comments on “Project Life 2014: Weeks 1 and 2”

  1. Sharyl says:

    So very cute…very inspiring for me how you keep giving us these layouts…love how you compose each page with all the embellishments (my fav part) !

  2. Jenny @ FamilyBees says:

    Great pages! I, too, find it hard to resist all the new cute kits. 🙂

  3. Cerise says:

    Beautiful layouts. Love how light and bright they are.
    That pillow quote is too cute! I think I need a new pillow too.

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