20 in 2014: Book ONE

Don't GoDon’t Go by Lisa Scottoline

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sacrifice: the variations and interpretations of one word are incredibly poignant. In “Don’t Go”, Lisa Scottoline examines the different sacrifices people make and the reasoning behind them: frivolous sacrifices to keep appearances, life altering sacrifices to save lives, moral sacrifices to save yourself…

Dr. Mike Scanlon is deep in enemy territory, saving lives in the battlefields of Afghanistan as an army doctor. The choices and sacrifices he makes are measured on a second to second basis. One false move in the operating room, one misstep walking between forts, one second could change his life forever. It is while he is deftly saving the life of an injured soldier that tragic news regarding his wife at home is uncovered. In a sick twist of irony, he saves the life of the soldier before him, but is unable to do anything about his wife who perished at home. Alone.

He travels home to take care of funeral services and begins to seek the truth about what happened to Chloe. Secrets come to light that make him question all he’s ever known. The sacrifices he made as a soldier become deeply connected to the sacrifices made by his wife.

The storyline had the makings for an incredibly moving, poignant read: heroic soldier, tragedy, exploration of what it means to be a family… however, Scottoline fell short. Much of the plot and character development moved slowly and felt forced. Disappointing read.


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