Project Life 2013: Weeks 38 and 39

IMG_9814Fun with the new coral core kit. Jake’s first week of soccer, Ty’s second week of first grade…lots of big milestones.


IMG_9819WEEK 39

IMG_9821Sunshine kit for Week 39. Lots of patterned cards = lots of fun ways to cut up the extra cards and use them as embellishments. I love to cut up the cards into simple strips and use them as faux washi tape:



Project Life 2013: Weeks 34, 35, 36, and 37


IMG_9081I forgot just how much I love the Seafoam kit: the blue, yellow, and kraft color combination is one of my favorites. I am always a few weeks behind when it comes to Project Life. Currently, our weeks and days go by in a blur. It was fun to “relive” our last week of summer. Oh how I miss our laid back mornings and afternoons…


IMG_9084WEEK 35

The childhood kits were perfect for Ty’s back-to-school pictures. As our weeks get busier, the number of photos seem to decrease. Incorporated other various bits and pieces of our week to complete the layout: a screenshot of an e-mail, photos of the kids artwork, a photo of Ty’s classroom number, etc…

IMG_9085Ty’s first week of school, back-to-school meetings for me, first soccer practice for Ty…back-to-school crazy has begun.


IMG_9089Sticker tabs are a super easy way to incorporate multiple photos in one pocket:

IMG_9092WEEEK 36

IMG_9094First week of everyone back at school. Enjoying my Mondays off with Jake…


IMG_9096WEEK 37

IMG_9098I am certain I love book orders more than the boys: the smell of a new book makes me swoon. I didn’t mean for it to happen, nor did I plan it, but the page ended up with a fun book/reading theme…



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Project Life 2013: Weeks 31, 32, and 33


Fun with the new Slate Core Kit. The bright colors make this kit so happy and fun. I think the cards are super versatile and love that many can be cut up/trimmed to be used as embellishments. Kept it super simple…

IMG_8250Experimented with a different type of stitching…

IMG_8251WEEK 32

I forgot how much I love the colors of the Honey kit. I started with the simple letter stickers on the photos and went from there…

IMG_8256Big milestone for Jake this week was the focus/highlight: he learned how to ride his bike without the training wheels!!

IMG_8258Tyson repurposed the original Project Life packaging as portable Lego sorter/storage. Swoon.

IMG_8260WEEK 33

When I started this week, I thought I had completely forgot to take pictures. I didn’t have any to work with. It turns out, I just hadn’t picked up weeks worth from Costco. Before I knew I had pictures, I had asked each boy to design/make his own layout. They LOVED it and the pieces they made are by my favorites of all time. I kept Ty’s layout intact as it tells the story of our week pretty well and plan to incorporate bits of Jake’s into other layouts. It is likely that I struggled with this week because it was the week of HUGE change in our house. The landscape of our forever changed: out with the toddler/car bed and in with TWO BIG BOY rooms. Ty got a new desk, his little room now resembles more of a dorm room than little boy room. Jake got the top bunk and a new dresser. They both love playing in their “big boy” rooms so much now and Jake is so proud of his new space:

IMG_8263This, I believe, is what this project is all about:


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Project Life 2013: Weeks 28, 29, and 30


The one kit I thought I wouldn’t need: 5th and Frolic; however, I saw it and instantly fell in love with it. While there are lots of pinks, there are even more blues, yellows, and tans…LOVE!! It’s fun to have a little girly in my land of boy. This week correlates with my Vacation Week layout, but incorporates the remainder of the week (while the Vacation spread is just our time away):

IMG_8230Having fun with the cork thickers, highlighting some of my favorite vacation moments, and adding journaling to some photos that were included the week before but not written about…

IMG_8231By the way, I say vacation but am firmly aware that it is, and will remain until the boys are older, a “family trip”. Not much resting or “vacationing” on this trip. We got back and were exhausted, the boys not so much. M and I also celebrated our TEN year wedding anniversary:

IMG_8232WEEK 29

A busy week of fun!! It made me giddy to take the boys to one of my favorite childhood spots and see it through their eyes:


IMG_8237I love printing out photos as 8 x 12’s and trimming them to fit, especially when they highlight important/main events for the week:

IMG_8239WEEK 30

I love the Kraft kit. A lot. A funny week where I didn’t have enough photos…

IMG_8242I used an Exacto knife to cut out the asterisk and arrow to layer with the photos. I am also not afraid to cut up journal cards to use as embellishments…



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Project Life 2013: Vacation Week

As I started to gather all the items I wanted to include for week 28, I decided to add in an extra week’s layout and have our vacation, though not an entire week, stand alone. I plan to still incorporate bits and pieces of our vacation in my actual week 28 layout.

IMG_8064I printed out my favorite Instagram photos via Postal Prints. I ordered the night before we left and they came shortly after we arrived home. As we were driving, Tyson started counting seconds, it was too cute to pass up and a completely project-life-able moment. I opened up the “A Beautiful Mess” app and typed in the quote. I love how it came out. These photos will simply go in a Design I page.

IMG_8067I trimmed the amusement park maps from the aquarium and Legoland. I will add stars to signify the boys’ favorite rides:

IMG_8068All of the above inserts will go in-between the actual layout, left side:

IMG_8055Despite having multiple inserts, I wasn’t able to include all of my favorite photos from the trip. I found the preview cards that came with my photo order, trimmed the photos to fit the calendar card, and made it all into the title card for the week. I am kicking myself for throwing away all prior preview cards. An easy, non-bulky way to include 11 more photos:

IMG_8056I kept a little envelope with me to keep track of receipts, ticket stubs, and things like our mini-golf score cards…

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Project Life 2013: Week 27

Had a lot of fun with the Elle’s Studio PL kit and Studio Calico’s PL kit this week:

IMG_8051Had fun with the journal slots and number cards, wanted some continuity. It was a ridiculously hot week here. This California girl couldn’t handle the icky sticky heat…

IMG_8047I struggled with the left two journal slots on this layout. I had more than enough photos but had a hard time making them work. Ultimately, I decided to use the little bag to provide Jakey with a little privacy as I journaled about his potty training success. Heh. I used an exacto knife on the “fun” and “4” in order to make the photos slide behind them…


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Project Life 2013: Week 26

IMG_7978WEEK 26

Officially done with HALF of Project Life 2013 and album one of two. Our first real week of summer was a good one:

IMG_7979Had fun with the Elle’s Studio Project Life kit this week. LOVED the blues and kraft colors.

IMG_7991A little butterfly stitching…


Project Life 2013: Weeks 23, 24, and 25


Week 23 and Week 24 were two of the craziest, busiest weeks of the year: Mark was out of town, Jake had no school, it was Ty’s last week of school, my second to last week of work: final grades due, a 5k, a Crossfit Rookie Rumble…nutso.

PL3Last year, I fell in love with white space, smaller photos. I went back to that for these layouts and fell in love with it all over again. I love the simplicity and pop of color. One of those weeks where I had EVERYTHING- childcare for Jake, time for my final grades to be computed, school for Ty, Mark to return later in the week, etc. planned down to the last minute. Everything except for a sick kiddo. Complete, HUGE wrench in my plans. But we survived.


PL2I love seeing the growth between the first and last day of school. The years are flying by…


Last days of work, a new coffee maker- a total game changer, first days of summer and time to conquer my big, scary goal of 2013:

PL5My favorite cards are always the kid-made ones:



Finding our summer break groove. Tyson’s first basketball camp. Fun with new journal cards and experimenting with different photo sizes:


PL10I love wood veneers. They make me happy. For the photos on the top row, I printed one photo out as an 8 x 12 and trimmed to fit the space:


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Project Life 2013: Weeks 20, 21, and 22


More color than usual, used the Honey Kit…you can’t help but smile and be happy when you see the bright, fun colors:

IMG_7459Mother’s Day fun, trying to bust out of my schlumpadinka dressing, and the funny ways Jake falls asleep…sweet, tired boy:


IMG_7515WEEK 21

Busted out the Midnight. I manage to fall in love with each and every kit for different reasons. I love how this particular kit inspires simplicity:

IMG_7466Please tell me I am not the only person to buy something in multiple colors when it fits??!! LOVED attending Ty’s Open House. He was so proud to show off all his work:

IMG_7507I always run a few weeks behind: the process works better for me that way. As a result, some weeks bring back memories…this week’s layout was one of those. We were driving down the freeway, as we always do, only this day, a large, metal rod came flying at our car. It wasn’t until we stopped that I saw what happened: it had completely impaled the front grill of the car and pierced our radiator. A few more inches up and it would have been an entirely different story. All the while, Mark was out of town…

IMG_7469WEEK 22

Went back to my grid card comfort zone. I love the simplicity and look of the white…

IMG_7472Capturing the good and bad of an overwhelming week. Telling the real story…

IMG_7474I let the photos tell the story across the journal card slots this week: Jake’s first and last day of school.

IMG_7496WEEK 23

Almost done with week 23, LOVE the colors of the new We R Memory Keepers Unscripted journal cards: bright and fun…


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