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Project Life 2013: Weeks 17, 18, 19, and Day in the Life


IMG_7317Had fun experimenting with the We R Memory Keepers Tangerine journal cards this week. LOVE the color combinations…

IMG_7318A rare week with multiple inserts. I happen to have two photos that I really loved this week, I enlarged them and included them in simple sleeves. I had planned to cut them down and have them included in the weekly layout’s journal slots, but they didn’t fit.



IMG_7323I absolutely LOVE this polaroid frame wood veneer, it is a custom order from HERE. Order. You will love the product and the customer service. I promise.

IMG_7325WEEK 18

IMG_7326I am still loving the jade core kit. The colors are so much fun…I especially like the way the “dream big” card came out…some weeks come together easier than others.


IMG_7332I need more of the little star wood veneers…


I have put this off for years. It has been almost three years since I last took on the “Day in the Life” challenge. I wanted to include the photos in some way in my Project Life. After seeing this months Studio Calico PL Kit, the journal cards made it easy. I printed out all the photos from the day. My plan was to include a few in this week’s layout and then use the rest as fillers if need be (as they represent things we do almost daily). I kept the actual layout very simple:



IMG_7341The entirety of the photos were turned into photo books via Shutterfly’s Project Life templates (which are completely awesome and so easy to use). I am kicking myself for not doing this project last year and the year before. I am, however, enjoying looking at both books and seeing just how much things have changed between 2010 and now…

IMG_7359Mainly, how much our MORNING routine has changed…

IMG_7361And how much the boys have grown…

IMG_7362No more bink. No more baby Jakey…

IMG_7365WEEK 19

And then I fell head over heels in love with Honey. I have an admitted core kit buying problem. And now officially have ten lifetime’s worth of journal cards…

IMG_7348I even used the pink *gasp*…and kinda love it.


IMG_7353WEEK 20 Progress: I can’t get over how HAPPY the Honey kit is…the colors, the images, the sayings…

IMG_7355And my new favorite card to date…it all just came together. Another custom wood veneer. And the cutest sleeping four-year old…I still can’t figure out how he fell asleep like that, I am just glad I grabbed my phone.


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Project Life 2013: Weeks 15 and 16


IMG_7287I did a lot more of this last year, I am not sure why I haven’t done much this year, but I like the look of continuity offered when journaling across two similar pages…

IMG_7289I have always loved the end of the game team cheer. Jake has been making everyone laugh at games. Not the least bit interested in the game, instead his legs are often crossed, shade up, Kindle-ing away:


IMG_7292WEEK 16

IMG_7296Finally figured out how to use the little SC sequins. This was an INSANELY busy week for us: parent/teacher conferences, baseball games, spring sing, an impromptu coffee date with an old friend, and the return of one of my most FAVORITE shows on television…

IMG_7298I find nothing cuter than Tyson all decked out in his catcher gear and had I been paying attention, I would have noticed I used the same phrase the week before…meh. Not going to make any changes. I love how the photo of him is the highlight of the week:

IMG_7301I have a feeling I will be doing this a lot more often, I love the idea of highlighting favorite moments/photos like this:


A Day in the Life…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since I’ve taken on the “Day in the Life” Challenge. SO MUCH has changed since THEN


Up early to make lunches x 2, snacks x 3, and breakfast x 3:

IMG_7162Feed, clean, dress boys. Beginning of our daily amassing of laundry:

IMG_7165Lunches, shoes, backpack: check…

IMG_7168After feeding, cleaning, and dressing the boys, I have approximately ten minutes to get ready. Starting the “60 Day Closet Challenge” today:

IMG_45767:50: in the car, head to drop off number one:

IMG_7175Ty to before school care:

IMG_71778:20: back in the car, head for drop off number two. I don’t think I realized until today just how much time I spend in the car:

IMG_45938:45: drop Jake off and join him for a round of hopscotch:

IMG_7184Waaaaaaaaaait for Jake to settle in, wash hands…

IMG_71869:00: back in the car, head to work.

9:20: love walking into the hallway every morning…

IMG_7188Grade papers, lesson plans, check emails, return phone calls…work schtuff:

IMG_719210:55: catch a peek of Ty playing during his recess while walking to the teacher’s lounge during morning recess.

IMG_719612:30: finish teaching just in time to walk over and pick Ty up.

IMG_7198Super Hero art project day…heh:

IMG_720512:45: back in the car to pick up Jake. Who is always without shoes…every.single.day:

IMG_7212But he’s HAPPY.

IMG_7217And fulllllllllllll of SAND. I am sure that Jake took home half the sand box today. Before we head inside, I vacuum the backseat of the car:

IMG_7219We ran a couple errands on our way home. We are all hungry. I make the boys a snack and finally make myself some lunch. Likely the one part of my day I need to work on/change. It’s always about 2:00 by the time I sit down to eat which is a little late for lunch. I need to be better about packing a snack…I think.

IMG_72242:30: a little Kindle play time.

IMG_7225While I begin a load of laundry:

IMG_72273:00: Jake colors, Ty works on his “All About Words” book for his teacher:

IMG_72294:00: I sit down to organize the last-minute details for Ty’s teacher appreciation week this week. I realize I sent out the right days, wrong dates. Send new emails off…

IMG_72354:30: pack the boys up, grab a water bottle, and back in the car. Mommy “gym” time. My happy place:

IMG_72386:30: it’s late by the time we walk in the door. It’s a Costco dinner night: kale salad and black bean burgers. LOVING my new panini maker, dinner is ready in less than 10 minutes.

IMG_7239Boys eat…

IMG_72447: 15: bath time fun…


IMG_7252Post-bath crazies:

IMG_72617: 45: finally PJ’d and settled in for a show. This kid is totally NOT tired:

IMG_7266Never ending laundry…

IMG_7270A little secret: I loathe folding socks. Like, I’d rather BUY new socks than fold old ones. I often wait and wait and wait until someone starts to complain that he can’t find any cleans ones. Unfortunately, this morning we struggled to find Ty a pair which meant today was the day…I attacked the mountain of socks. LUCKILY, Tyson thinks matching socks is a fun game. He helps.

IMG_72748: 15: Daddy sneaks in at some point. During the daddy-is-home and sock folding excitement, this one fell asleep:

IMG_7276Which means quiet one on one book reading with Ty before bed:

IMG_7277Put Ty to bed, FINALLY shower, and sit down…it’s just about 9:00. Tired Mama.


Project Life 2013: Weeks Thirteen and Fourteen


Had a lot of fun with this week in spite of the length of time it took me to actually complete it. Both the color scheme and content made me smile as I looked back on our Spring Break. Lots of laughter, memories made, and quality family time…

IMG_6988We had a super laid back Easter Sunday, just the four us. The boys had two egg hunts and spent most of the day playing with their Easter goodies. I then packed up the car and the boys and I headed up to the Lake…inside the road trip envelope, I plan to include receipts and funny things the boys said in the car. They were not allowed to complain about the music I had on rotation: over and over and over…

IMG_6990I ended up using most of the Instagram shots I’d put in the journal slots as actual photos this week. I didn’t have quite enough to fill up the entire insert page, so I just cut off the bottom third:

IMG_6993Silly girls day out, we had so much fun:

IMG_6995Tyson STILL talks bout this outing. I LOVE just how much the boys love their Auntie and Uncle. Having just returned from his Afghanistan deployment, we were all eating up the time with Uncle Dustin:

IMG_6996I couldn’t get enough of my adorable niece. The boys, however, were not so sure about “gwurls”…


Another insert heavy week as my brother and SIL were in town for a few days…

IMG_7002I challenged myself to use as much of the Studio Calico kit as possible this month…it was a lot harder than I expected:


IMG_7005The insert threw me. I had enough pictures but not enough journaling for six journal cards. I ended up browsing Pinterest and found the perfect solution. Love how she cut the insert page to just have the three journal slots isolated, so clever:

IMG_7007I am certain my husband would die if he knew that picture of Jake was included but I can’t get enough of it. I was laughing so hard, I got teary. His imagination, love of dress up, and crazy dress inspire me. I will be so so sad when he outgrows it.

IMG_7008UPCOMING WEEKS: I had a lot of fun incorporating bigger photos in the upcoming weeks. I LOOOOOOVE Tyson in his Little League uniform, there is nothing cuter. He was beyond excited to play catcher and I died with cuteness. I printed the photo as an 8 x 10 but didn’t want to just have it sit as an insert. I like the way it stands out in this particular week as baseball has become such a huge part of our weekly routine.


Project Life 2013: Week Twelve

I am so so in love with Jade…bright, fun, gorgeous font:IMG_6679This was an absolutely crazy week around these parts. While it doesn’t necessarily translate in the pictures, it was definitely madness of a different variety:

IMG_6673The last two journal spots gave me fits this week…some weeks are easier than others. Embracing the “done” over “perfection” mentality. Trying.


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Project Life: Giveaway

I debated swapping. I debated selling with some other goodies. But ultimately, I decided it would be fun to share the Project Life love. Hopefully, the person selected will make magic happen with these cards. I know I’ll never use them…

Leave a comment and I will select a winner Wednesday evening. Random cards from Studio Calico, SC PL kit, CT PL kit, Snap, and a few leftover Clementine cards.


Project Life 2013: Week Eleven

The color scheme for this week’s layout was mostly decided by the Studio Calico wood veneer journal card. I have been unsure of how to use it, but really wanted to do something with blue and brown…

PLKept it super simple for the most part. Shocking that two slots ended up without a single piece of washi or extra embellishment, heh:

IMG_6656The leprechaun trap was a big part of our week: shopping for pieces, making blue prints, discussing ideas…

IMG_6648Tyson was so excited about his trap. He had ideas for days. After he changed his mind for the 176th time, I decided we just needed to make the trap before it became a NASA grade endeavor. I wanted to include a couple of his initial “blueprints”. I threw them in a cute little “idea” bag from the new Smash embellishment line:

IMG_6653I had high hopes of getting the last two weeks of Project Life done; however, with the newest addition of Jade, I needed to reorganize my work space and de-clutter. So, my happy crafty space was spring cleaned. I like having all the cards out of the box and accessible. If it’s inside a closed box, it likely won’t be used. Now, everything is out, organized, and ready to go. I kept one of the little Studio Calico boxes from the PL kit to organize the various kit cards, the rest of my core kits are resting in a simple wire silverware tray. I am shocked it fit: seafoam, olive, jade, two childhood kits, and various other grid cards (with space for midnight, ha).


This view makes me happy. Streamlined, organized, and it won’t last long. One layout and it will look drastically different…


Project Life 2013: Weeks Nine and Ten


Got a little adventurous for me color wise this week; as a result, it took foreverrrrr for it to come together:

Project Life

Finally found someone brave enough to try a trail hike I have been dying to check out, it required conquering this massive incline. Our legs were burning but we did it. Celebrating Jakey’s wacky dressing ways while I can. LOVING that Jake is finally starting to draw family portraits. I find it amazing how different the boys artsy styles are…


Rope climb WOD kicked my butt: rope climb + burpees = YOWZA. Tyson started Little League this year and practices started Friday. Lucky to have friends who call at the exact perfect moment: girl time + 3 miles = the perfect cure to a bad day.


A special Jake love note, tucked inside the mini bag:



Another week of color experimentation. I have never been a pink girl, but I was inspired by the spring colors of this particular My Minds Eye journal card paper. I struggled with the pink but fell in love with the final outcome. It took me a little longer to finish, likely because the colors were very much outside of my comfort zone…but it’s DONE:


We have been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the sunshine. I wanted to document the little note Ty made me and tucked inside of my wallet: it makes me smile every time I catch a glimpse of it:



After two weeks of color experimentation. My week 11 color palette is my tried and true blue/kraft/white with a splash of yellow or brown. I like to gather the journal cards first and then work from there…


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Project Life: DIY Washi Speech Bubble Journal Card

I have been slightly obsessed with speech bubble journal cards. I love using them to keep track of the funny things the boys say…but, I am extremely picky about colors and color schemes. I like to have an overall theme or color that runs throughout each weekly layout. I was having a hard time finding the right color speech bubble cards for certain weeks. After altering one of the Studio Calico cards with washi tape, I figured I’d try to make my own…


And soon learned that it is SO SO easy. And fun. And justifies my “washi collection” that seems to be growing constantly. All you need: pencil, washi tape, grid cards or card stock cut to 3 x 4, exacto knife, and scissors.


Draw a speech bubble line freehand. Light enough to be erased if need be, but dark enough to show through the washi:


Layer on the washi tape:


If you look closely enough, you can see the pencil outline. Cut along the line using the exacto knife:


Peel back washi tape on top, erase pencil lines if needed:


Done. Finished product: