Pocket Pages with me & my BIG ideas

Every year on each of the boy’s birthdays, I try to do a layout all about them. What they are loving, what they are doing…how they write their names. Little pieces of them. Their marks on the page, the stray pen lines…my favorite keepsakes. This year, I vowed to tell more of my story. I was inspired by the prompts on the me & my BIG ideas cards and had a lot of fun with this one…


I often start with a card or color, gather all the cards I can find, any possible embellishments, and the set the cards out on an empty pocket page. I have the photos I want to use near by and start mixing and matching, moving things around…it is all a very informal process for me. But there is always a certain color or theme that brings it all together.

greencollageMy real inspiration for my page, Tyson’s page:


tycollageeditThank you for visiting!!

Project Life 2014: Weeks 1 and 2


The holidays, icky sick kids, traveling husband = not a lot of photos for week one. There are some repeat photos from 2013 and later in the month. And that is okay with me. Filling in the blanks, repeats, a week of all weekend events…I don’t hold myself to any given format and I have found that system to work best. The minute I start to make rules for myself, the love is lost and pressure to much…

IMG_0150Just as running transformed my life, CrossFit has led to a similar transformation. I am stronger than I have ever been: mentally and physically. I am constantly pushed and challenged. I am doing things I NEVER imagined…and having fun. A year ago, I could barely hold a regular handstand, let alone a one handed one. Hoping to keepsake my fitness journal a little better this year…


IMG_0152WEEK 2

I keep vowing to keep it simple. To use the kits I have. And then new, cuteness is released. And I have to have it. Love the new Kiwi kit. Week 2 was a big transition for us: two weeks off and the harsh reality of having to get back into the day to day school/work routine. Another week where I failed to pick up my camera everyday. I need to work on that. I will work on that.





Slowly finding a groove again. Chugging along. Still absolutely LOVING this project. Thank you so much for visiting!!

Project Life 2014

CoverpageAnd so begins my Project Life journey for 2014…

I will embrace simplicity.

I will continue to not have any rules for myself: some weeks will focus on one or two main events, others will be a daily photo approach. I will let the photos dictate the layouts.

I will try to remember to pick up my big camera. And be okay with the fact that it may not always happen.

I will try to keep up with printing photos and placing them in sleeves: journaling and embellishing when time allows.

I will celebrate another year of our family’s stories, challenges, milestones, and memories…

Project Life 2013: Weeks 47 thru 51


Otherwise known as the week I fell in LOVE with the Mini Dear Lizzy kit. And the blue, gray, white color combination. I may have ordered one more kit. Or two. Hoping to use it quite a bit in 2014.



IMG_0114WEEK 48

IMG_0116Super easy way to include multiple stories in one journal pocket: mini bags. Also easy to use for stories you may want to remember but not want everyone to “see”…


IMG_0118WEEK 49



IMG_0121WEEK 50



IMG_0124WEEK 51

IMG_0125I fell in love with gold this week. It will likely be a main player in my 2014 Project Life. As will simplicity. My third complete Project Life album and I love the project just as much as I did in 2011…



Project Life 2013: Weeks 44, 45, and 46



Halloween week. Happened to snap a fun photo of the boys playing around on the porch and knew I wanted to highlight it. The journal card isn’t yet filled out, and that is okay with me. Done is better than perfect at this point…and the picture tells a great story.


IMG_0105WEEK 45

I forget how much I love the Honey Kit until I use it. The bright colors always make me happy and the pink cards take me out of my color comfort zone.



IMG_0108WEEK 46




Project Life 2013: Week 43


mambiUsed me & my BIG ideas Pocket Page cards for week 43. LOVED the black, gold, and blue color combination. The little kraft colored letter stickers are from the Dollar Spot at Target. I didn’t have many photos for this particular week so it was the perfect week to work across multiple journal pockets…


Project Life Fun Featured on the Craft Warehouse Blog

So honored to be featured on the Craft Warehouse blog. Today, I am sharing allllllll the fun you can have with the Project Life Sunshine Core Kit… check it out HERE.

My new favorite trick- DIY speech bubble cards using extra journal/bi-folds. A tutorial on how to make these will be featured on the Craft Warehouse blog Monday:


December Daily 2013: Part One

I swore up and down I would absolutely NOT do December Daily this year after making it through day three last year. I will NOT BUY A December Daily Kit, I said. NO, NO, NO. And then the kits came rolling out. And it became, maybe I’ll buy ONE kit this year. JUST ONE. Heh. For the most part, I stuck to the one kit purchase. I am really hoping THIS is the year I FINISH my attempts at a Daily December album. Hold it to me people.


ddcoverpageDay 1: I am more or less keepsaking moments versus days. In the little bag, I had the boys write down their hopes for the season, and I did the same. Having completely dropped the ball on family photos this year, I had Jake draw a family portrait. I kind of love it more than an actual photo…

ddp1Day 2: I lost an envelope of pictures somewhere. I have no idea where they are. I have ordered second copies and am waiting for them to finish this page…

ddp2Day 3: Decorating our tree…

ddp4Day 4: A Thanksgiving Break tradition, our third year doing it, making our Salt Dough Advent Calendar. The boys did most of the work this year. These ornaments are always my FAVORITE.

ddp6Day 5: Our Elf on the Shelf made his annual appearance. Magic for the boys, many EARLY MORNING panicked wake ups for ME- did I move the elf??!!

ddp7Day 6: The beginning of the boys’ Christmas Lists. As of today, Christmas Eve, they’ve penned about five different versions of their list…

ddp8Day 7: First real season of basketball for Tyson. So much fun. So different watching him play a sport where he is truly SELF motivated…

ddp9Days 8 and 9: The calm before the December Crazy storm. Trying my best to stay ahead of the game. And a fun, mid-week birthday party…

ddp10Days 10 and 11: More fun with Victor, our elf, and an ice skating adventure with my boys…

ddp11Days 12 and 13: Will trim black and white photos to place in the cut out letters of “favorite” and I had to keep Tyson’s last list. I know that all too soon his list will no longer reflect little boy wishes…sigh.


Half way there!! Chugging along…

Project Life 2013: Week 42

A quick update from my phone. It’s cold and overcast here today, which makes for bad photo lighting. Went with my tried and true: blue, black, yellow, tan/white color combination. Keeping it simple, trying desperately to catch up…

IMG_8209As I was writing on the monthly calendar, I was wondering why I don’t use them more often…what an easy way to journal the goings on of a week: soccer, soccer practice, soccer game, date night, Family Day at Jake’s preschool…


IMG_8211Linking up with The Mom Creative:

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Project Life 2013: Weeks 40 and 41

PLw40Finally using bits and pieces of my Cocoa Daisy and Gossamer Blue kits. LOOOOOVING the color schemes. Learning to embrace the pink. Moments from my “Day in the Life”, Jake’s attempt to circle “TWO” books he really wanted from his book order- he circled nearly all of them. Silly boy.

PLw40a_edited-1Saturday soccer, big DESIGN TEAM moment for me, birthday parties, and my sad desk at work received some much needed crafty love:

PLw40bI love using little bags to hide hidden pieces of journaling or notes. This week, it hides a copy of a memorable e-mail with a simple “read” tag.

PLw40cWEEK 41

PLw41aJade was the winner for Week 41. I struggled with the title card for a long time- it just wasn’t coming together. And then suddenly, it did. I love it: texture, layers, colors. Done.

PLw41bA big FIRST for me: a real haircut at a new salon. For years, I have gone to my talented, amazing girlfriend who owns her own  salon. Unfortunately, it is nearly an hour away and it is hard to carve out that much time to get to her. So, I took the recommendation of a friend and tried someone new who is local. She worked absolute MAGIC with my hair. It has NEVER looked this curly. Ever. After YEARS of fighting my curls, I am embracing these bad boys:

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