me & my BIG ideas: You Are My Happy

mambisquaresBright, fun, fast page…inspired by a photo misprint on my part. I typically make 5×7 collages with my Instagram photos for pocket pages. However, I must have been in a hurry and forgot to click the right box when ordering these photos. As a result, I ended up with 3 4×6 collages. I wasn’t sure what to do with all the 2×2 photos and then I spotted the square punch out of the corner of my eye…and this layout was the result.

me & my BIG ideas Pocket Page


me & my BIG ideas: Faux Pocket Page


I fell in love with this mambi paper pad the moment I saw it. I turned to this particular page with 3 x 4 cards and swooned. I debated cutting them out and using them in traditional pocket pages, but decided to have some fun and use them as they were: 12 x 12. I ended up cutting out a couple of the blingy cards from another page and adding them to this layout…love the way it all came together. LOVE this Gold Rush paper pad.


Sail Away Card: me & my BIG ideas


Three of my favorite things: me & my BIG ideas stickers, burlap, and blues…quick, fun card. A chance to experiment with textures. Having a lot of fun with cards these days. Can’t wait to surprise people with good old-fashioned snail mail love…

Teacher Thank You Card

mambiteachercardI absolutely LOVED Tyson’s teacher last year. She was magical. Patient. Supportive. Kind. Most importantly, she provided my son with a foundation of learning that allowed him to love going to school each day. I couldn’t have asked for more. When it came time to thank her, I wanted to do something beyond the class gift. A handmade, handwritten note it was…along with a Bux card. I loved the new me & my BIG ideas teacher banner stickers. Add a mini bag, a couple scraps of paper…done. I added a little piece of washi to a paper clip so she would know to pull out the gift card.


Playroom Art Display


Updated our playroom art display using the me & my BIG ideas DIY Gallery Art Pad for boys. Super fast. Easy. As I flipped through the pad, I squealed when I saw two of my FAVORITE quotes. One of the happiest rooms in our house. On my summer-to-do list, update the wall with all the artwork the boys will be bringing home on their last day of school. Happy Friday!!

Mother’s Day Fun With me & my BIG ideas

momframeI have loved this paper pad since I first set eyes on it. In particular, this bird…I wanted to do something with it and it wasn’t until I found this unfinished frame that it all came together. I first intended to put it in the bottom right corner, but then realized it would be fun to make a more interactive type frame for my mom. Notably, something that allowed her to change out the photo and showcase BOTH notes that the boys made her.

A think coat of Modge Podge + two pieces of paper from the me & my BIG ideas Mixed Media paper pad + stickers + clothes pin = done.



A quick and easy card using mambo Cards in An Instant rounded out the crafty love for my mama: