Ty is Seven Months Old

Yikes. We have had a VERY busy month. I can’t believe how quickly he’s reaching new milestones. I feel as though someone has pushed a fast forward button and the days are zooming by in the blink of an eye.

* Ty now has four teeth: two bottom and the two top left…his little lopsided grin looks SUPER silly but SO cute.
* He is eating three “solid” meals a day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Loves finger foods. Chews like a champ. Drinks out of his sippy cup…now, we just have to try to keep up with him. Keeping the pantry stocked with baby food seems to be a very big challenge these days.
* He pulls himself up to standing on anything and everything. He particularly likes the couch, me, and our dresser- because it has the oh-so-fabulous sparkly golden handles.
* He can crawl “normally”…no more centipede moves; however, he would have done quite well with his “moves” on a baby dance show.
* He can sit himself up on his own.
* We had to lower his crib to the lowest setting because the little guy can stand up in his crib.
* He loves to sit in the shopping cart and “flirt” or smile at anyone who will look his way. Of course, when he is ready to go he oh-so-kindly lets me know. I, however, have the secret power of “puffs” and they usually by me another twenty minutes or so.
* He loves to PLAY with his toys now and clearly goes to the ones he’s interested in. Of course, the opposite is also true- he makes it known which ones he could care less about by throwing them to the side or simply crawling right over them.
* His favorite toys of the moment: his Parents magazine mp3 player, LeapFrog learning table and alphabet ball, Playskool activity table, alphabet floor puzzle, my keys, the remote control, and my bangs. Ugh.

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