Tyson is EIGHT Months Old

So, one of the only ways I can get him to “sit still” for a photo these days is to put him IN his basket of toys. He loves it. All his toys are easily within reach. The “fun” lasts for about five minutes and then our little Bam Bam is out and about.
* He’s averaging about nine hours total of sleep at night. He often wakes up twice. Maybe, on a good day, about two hours worth of naps. Usually, more like one. Mark and I are exhausted. Ty, however, is our little Enigizer Bunny despite the fact that he gets nowhere near the “typical” amount of sleep “most babies” get.
* He can stand unassisted for about a minute but hasn’t yet figured out what to do next.
* He claps. And claps. And claps….And claps.
* He can climb the couch in a breeze. Easily climbs up the stairs and has figued out how to “crawl” down them. We only have four steps so it wasn’t too tough for him to figure out.
* He loves to “read” his books these days. One of his favorite things to do is to take each and every book off our bookshelf in the office…and then chew on the corners.
* He dances to music…and waves his hands in the air like he just doesn’t care.
* He has learned how to open cabinets, drawers, and closet doors.
* He has EIGHT teeth…well 7 and 1/4 to be exact. The eighth is making its first appearance as we speak.
He’s not a big fan of real peas. He was cracking me up as he tried “real peas” for the first time. Silly boy…

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