DIY: Handprint Ornaments and Kaleidoscope Ornaments

Having slacked on holiday decor for Halloween…Easter…Valentine’s Day…(aka. every holiday this year), I thought I’d attempt to redeem myself for Christmas. Today, the boys and I made some easy, fun ornaments. We turned this:
into Kaleidoscope Ornaments:
And Hand Print Ornaments:
I haven’t finished these ones as I can’t decide how to differentiate Jake’s from Ty’s. I also didn’t get any pictures of the process as you can imagine what it means to have a 9 month old’s hands covered in paint…and a 2 1/2 year old’s hands covered in paint.
For the Kaleidoscope Ornaments:
You need contact paper, construction paper or scrapbook paper, and cut out shapes or torn tissue paper. I used some scrapbook punches and made snowflakes and hearts. Cut out circles. Place onto contact paper. Have fun putting cut out shapes on…Ty LOVED it:

All done:
I wasn’t sure how the contact paper would stick if it wasn’t allowed to adhere around the edges of the paper so I cut out the red circles prior to putting shapes on:
Lesson learned: either way works. I used what we had at home; however, glitter would have been a fun addition. Messy, but fun. The tissue paper snow flakes also look prettier when hung up, but I only had green and they were harder for Ty to work with as one touch on the contact paper meant it was there to stay- where as the thicker card stock shapes could be removed and repositioned.
To finish, cover with a second sheet of contact paper. Cut out circles. I punched out squares for the top, glued them together with a ribbon folded in half, and stapled:


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