2009 in Review Part 2

* Jacob sits…and makes raspberries that cause his brother to laugh in ways no one else can:
*Jake goes from back sleeper to butt-in-the-air-on-his-tummy sleeper (love how he crosses his feet as well):
*We took the boys to Marine World:
*Where Ty rode an elephant with Daddy. He smiled the entire.time:

*Jake’s six month photo…it only took about 50 shots to get this one:

*He enters a whole new world of baby food:

*Ty enters a whole new world where hair cuts age him tremendously…when did he stop looking like a baby and become such a BIG BOY:

*Trains, trains, trains…Ty LOVES trains:

*J-dub cuteness…he finds his feet:


*My boys:

*Ty is old enough to do CRAFTS. On this day, we made a stepping stone for our front yard…he had SO much fun and loves to point it out when we walk down our pathway:

*Brothers can play together now. Jake LOVES to watch/play/be near Ty:

*Tyson has his FIRST day of preschool:* 7 months old:

*Took the boys to the Pumpkin Patch. Ty had so much fun in the seed pools:

* While Jake enjoyed the hay stacks:

*I discovered how much fun our wagon is with both boys now able to sit comfortably in it. Tyson loves to pull Jacob around…and Jacob grins from ear to ear the entire time:

* I trained for and completed my first 1/2 Marathon:

*Ty brings new excitement and magic to each holiday now…Halloween was incredibly memorable. Both boys looked adorable in their costumes: Jake was Frankenbaby and Ty was a doctor:

*We took the boys to Pixieland’s Haunted Halloween…Tyson as always LOVED the rides:

*And we discovered that Jacob does TOO:

*Dr. Ty all ready to trick-or-treat with his Thomas treat bucket:

*Jake wishes everyone a Happy Turkey Day:

*Ty discovered Daddy’s ties. And belts. And shoes:

*I finally take the boys to the Train Museum and the both LOVE it:

*We also went to the Oakland Zoo with friends. Ty has become very sweetly protective of Jake…he immediately put his arm around him when I sat him down:

*I don’t know if it was the attention from his big brother, the train ride, or a combination of both…but Jake never stopped smiling:

*Somewhere along the way Ty graduated to big-boy-solo-riding status:

*We got SNOW:

*10 months old:

*Brother fun:

*Making Christmas gifts:

*Our family 2009:


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