A Year in Photos Part 1

**It absolutely blows my mind that I sit here days away from Christmas. This year is a complete and total blurr. I blogged. I photographed. I videotaped. But it is still surreal. I VIVIDLY remember this time last year, and yet here we are again…and things have changed immensely. While I had hoped to keep up with scrapbooking…finding the time has become next to impossible. So I decided to do the next best thing and make a photobook of our year. Here are some bits and pieces of it…enjoy.
It wasn’t until I looked back at blog posts and photos that I realized I started the year out pregnant. In all honesty, it is impossible to remember our family with Jacob at this point and it feels as if he’s always been a part. This was about two weeks before Jake was born. Of course, looking at this picture brings back many memories of pregnancy…many of which I don’t miss:
*Jacob William was born:
*Brothers met for the first time:
*2 weeks old:
*A favorite outing of ours became searching for Lady bugs. We found a park where they were EVERYWHERE…Ty LOVED it. He was so gentle and kind:

*Again…we did this often:

*We discovered the local airport viewing area and it became a weekly family outing:

*Ty discovered his brother’s swing and officially sat in it longer than he ever did as a baby:

*We had a very unusual and very HOT heat wave:
*Big brother kisses:

*Little brother smiles:*Big brother tickles and little brother giggles:

*”I do myself” became a household phrase…sometimes good and VERY cute:

*J-dub loving his exersaucer:

*4 months:

*Big boy haircut:

*Ty learns to say “CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE” for the camera:

*We dabble in cloth diapers…and it wasn’t nearly as awful as I expected:

*Silly, happy boy:



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