A Year in Photos: Part 1

It’s hard to believe Jake started the year off NOT walking. I can’t even remember what life was like without him running all over the place; however, in January he took what we be two of his very first steps. He didn’t walk steadily for another couple months…
We hesitantly started the potty training journey:
Tyson turned THREE:
My silly, book loving, snuggy wearing three year old:

We threw a joint birthday party for the boys to celebrate Jake’s first birthday and Ty’s third:

We all had a lot of fun sliding and bouncing. Lots of smiles:
We spent a lot of time playing in our driveway. Ty discovered the stomp rocket:
We treasure hunted our way around the Rez:
Four teeth. He looks like such a baby here…

Tyson discovered hours of fun with a sensory tub:
We took the boys to Vegas:
Tyson turned into a hat-loving big boy:
While Mommy enjoyed her first ever multi-night trip away, Jake became a full fledged walker:
And quickly used those walking skills to get into everything:
Now very mobile, Park visits became a lot more interesting for me and a lot more fun with Ty as Jake could truly play with him, and chase him, and run around with him:

Enjoying some indoor caped fun on a rainy April day:
First roller skates:

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